The lifesaving role of ambulance services during childbirth

The lifesaving role of ambulance services during childbirth

When you hear the word ambulance, what comes to mind? Most often, we think about car accidents, serious injuries, heart attacks, and other harrowing life events – but what about one of the most exciting moments in life? What about childbirth?

Ambulance services play a major role in providing lifesaving care for pregnant women around the world. In fact, studies show that reliable transportation to health facilities during labor improves health outcomes and prevents death. A report by Jomo Kenyatta University and Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) stated that most maternal deaths could be prevented if all women gave birth in a health facility with trained professionals there to help. Many traditional birth attendants agree, as described in this Capital News article. Having access to a formal medical system during childbirth can be lifesaving.


Transportation to hospitals during childbirth improves health.

Why, then, do so many women give birth outside of a facility? The answer is a loaded one with many issues at play. A key reason is lack of transportation – many women do not have a reliable way of getting to the hospital. The Coalition on Violence against Women interviewed women in rural parts of Kenya on their childbirth experiences. These women described the most common reasons for giving birth away from a facility. One woman mentioned that it was too far for her to walk. Another said that not “having a well-equipped mobile ambulance with all the equipment for deliveries” was an issue. In both cases, lack of transportation was described as a major barrier to care.

In 2013, President Uhuru Kenyatta began providing free maternal and child health services in public hospitals, covering all out-of-pocket labor and delivery costs. This was a step in the right direction. However, a report from the National Coordinating Agency for Population and Development stated that “most women (42%) have little choice but to give birth at home because of lack of transport.” In other words, many women still deliver at home, because they are unable to access the free care available to them.


Rescue by Flare is here to help!

By providing quick, reliable transportation to facilities, we aim to improve maternal and child health in Kenya. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes to access medical care, as well as make emergency care accessible to everyone – including women and children during the most important moment of their lives!

Over the last year, we reduced time to facilities by 63%.

More time in a facility not only gives women and families peace of mind. It saves lives. Are you pregnant? Do you have friends or family members who are pregnant or who have small children? Join Rescue and assure that your loved ones receive the best care possible!

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