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Welcome to the future of first response

For years, patients have been calling over 80 numbers, spending hours on the phone to get help. For the first time, you can access all the best ambulances from a single hotline.

Largest fleet

We have the most ambulances and the widest coverage from the best first response companies in Kenya. Locations are tracked in real-time, which means we get you the best service with the shortest response times, no matter where you are.

One phone number

No need to sift through countless numbers. Just call us for access to all providers. Medical professionals on our 24-hour hotline will make sure you get help from the closest responders right away.

Fast response

In critical emergencies like heart failure or stroke, you have less than one hour to get care. Do not waste time with countless numbers. Get rescue.co today to make sure you can access the largest network of Kenya's best first responders.

"It's easy, it's fast, and it will save your life."

There is a high probability that you or a loved one will have an emergency this year. Make sure that you are prepared, sign up today.

Memberships for individuals

Memberships for individuals

Rescue’s individual memberships have you covered for the whole year. With this plan, you can call our dedicated team of medical professionals and first responders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is always here to make sure you are protected day and night. If you should need a rescue, it’s on us! It’s the simple way to stay safe.

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Memberships for families

The family or household plan lets you add additional members to your plan at a significant discount! Protect yourself and your loved ones. You can even include non-family household members like your nanny or roommates, and extended live-in family like your aunts and grandparents. Households are defined by a shared physical address.

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Memberships for families

Memberships for the whole team

Run a small business? A large corporation? A school? A tour group? A hotel? Want to cover everybody at your office or that comes into your premises? Rescue.co has you covered. With Rescue.co memberships that span a wide range of group sizes, we’ll find one that’s right for you.

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Choose the membership that is right for you

Our memberships are made to fit to your needs. Whether you are a large group, a small business, a household, a couple, or just one, we have membership pricing to fit your needs. Check out your options, and don’t miss out on our holiday savings.

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What our members say

  • “One of my patients needed to be transferred urgently to the hospital; the only way I could arrange and find the nearest ambulance to him was through Flare.”

    Dr Fayez, A&E, Coptic Hospital
  • “An employee called me in an emergency. . . thank goodness my first phone call was to Flare. They quickly dispatched responders, kept me in the loop of what was happening, and swiftly rescued my employee. Now I know, in the case of any emergency, I call Flare.”

    Zoe, CEO of EchoMobile
  • “I had a patient in the middle of the night who required immediate care. I called Flare and they dispatched a nearby ambulance within a few minutes. The ambulance team stabilized the patient and transferred him to the hospital. Without Flare, it’s likely the patient would have died.”

    Peris, Doctors Without Borders / MSF

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