Fast Facts

  • There are multiple confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kenya. The first was confirmed on Thursday, March 12th, 2020. The likelihood that there are many more cases in the country is very high. Based on modelling, there could be upwards of thousands of cases already – meaning thousands of extremely contagious people throughout Nairobi and the rest of Kenya. While we do not know the number of actual cases, please do not, under any circumstances, take this lightly. Please take extraordinary precautions and practice social distancing right away.

  • Social distancing and eliminating all nonessential outings is our only chance at reducing the number of casualties and the speed at which our healthcare system will become overwhelmed.

  • Everybody needs to focus on preventative measures immediately. While you may handle the disease well if you are young and healthy, catching (and then spreading) this highly contagious virus poses serious risks to your friends and loved ones, as well as all Kenyans who are elderly or immunocompromised. In fact, we are all at risk of our healthcare system being overwhelmed. In such an event, critical services for everybody, including people involved in trauma and other incidents, will become unavailable. Do not take this lightly and observe extraordinary preventative measures immediately. Please inform your friends and team members to do the same.