Reimagining Ambulance Services and Emergency Response

Reimagining Ambulance Services and Emergency Response

We want you to not think twice to take an ambulance during a medical emergency. Trust us!

Using an ambulance during an emergency in Kenya is still the exception. Only 1 in 10 people arrive in an ambulance at an Accident & Emergency department (often called an A&E). This is despite the fact that using an ambulance during an emergency improves the chance of survival by 6.2% in heart-related emergencies.

Most Kenyan’s only association with ambulances is when they hear the sirens bellowing in the distance and see the ambulance stuck in  Nairobi traffic. Nairobians, and Kenyans at large, never call for emergency response services when they are in distress. Perhaps because of the news of their use for illicit purposes. With news of ambulances ferrying charcoal, we cannot blame you for being reluctant. 

Kenyans hardly ever call for emergency response services

Emergency response, according to most people in Nairobi, is calling your neighbor who owns a car to take your ailing wife to the hospital in the middle of the night. It means running for buckets to put out a fire rather than calling a fire truck. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that emergency response is slow and unreliable. It is also because there are too many numbers to use in an emergency and most just give up. Kenyans are also wary of calling ambulances and being charged above the hospital bill as the charges are separate. This extra cost is the most significant deterrent to the use of ambulance services.


Rescue by Flare is changing emergency response

We are reimagining ambulance services and emergency response. Hundreds of numbers have been reduced to one. We have built a platform to manage all ambulances across different companies.  In an emergency, you just need to call us!   With around the clock dispatch center, you receive quality medical care with just one call.  Our platform maps and tracks your request to your exact location. In addition, we send you the nearest ambulance and help coordinate and recommend a hospital with respect to your emergency. Therefore, in a case of a heart attack at 4 am in the morning, we will send you to the facility with not only a cardiologist but a cardiologist on call that’s nearby (not the same thing, surprisingly).

Already, our platform has cut down response times from 162 minutes to an average of  69 minutes from start to finish. That’s a 60% reduction.  We aim to make it even shorter as we continue to bring more ambulance services providers on board and identify additional opportunities to improve the routes to the patients and from the scene to the hospital. Having more ambulances in our platform means that when we receive a call, the chances are that one of our partners will be close by to provide emergency care.


How Rescue by Flare works to improve ambulance services in emergency response
  1. Visit our website or call 0714911911 to speak with one of our medical concierges and select a plan that is suitable for you.
  2. Pay for an annual plan. See our available plans here.
  3. When in an emergency, call our 24hr emergency line (you will be provided a hotline once you buy the membership; even more reason to purchase it today!)
  4. We will send the nearest ambulance service to you. Any medical care you receive over the phone by our trained medical dispatchers or in the ambulance en route to the hospital is FREE.

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