Why you should get an Emergency response plan by Rescue

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Why you should get an Emergency response plan by…

Emergencies are unpredictable.  At Flare, we are working to ensure that whoever you are and wherever you are, we can get you help in minutes. Drumroll, please…Introducing Rescue by Flare – for the very first time in Nairobi’s history, we have a single number to call to access the largest network of ambulances. Rescue brings together all emergency service providers onto one platform to respond to emergencies anywhere in Nairobi.

You can purchase plans for yourself, household and groups like employees or schools or really anyone in Nairobi! With Rescue, we dispatch the nearest available ambulance hence saving you the headache that would ensue if you tried to access an ambulance by yourself. With Rescue, we provide you free access to 24/7 medical assistance and free transport and care to the hospital from one of our ambulance partners.

So here’s why you should buy Rescue:


  1. You only need to memorize ONE number

Long gone are the list of numbers on your phone and having to stay up-to-date on the constantly changing emergency numbers. One call to Rescue and we take care of the rest. Our highly trained medical dispatcher will send the nearest ambulance service to you. Calling emergency response services does not have to be nerve-wracking, we got your back!

  1. The ambulance service will find your exact location

Flare technology uses tracking to identify your location. We also use traffic enabled mapping to find the best way to get to you. While we will always send you the nearest ambulance, we also avoid the ‘Uko Wapi’ when they are on the way. They know exactly where you are and how to get to you!  Reliability is our priority.

  1. There is a cover for everyone, and the signup process is simple

There is a plan for everyone. The Rescue plan is tailored to different groups.  You can buy a plan for your family or your employees as a group. Please head over here right now to see the different plans and choose the best emergency response plan for you.

  1. Quality care

We provide you immediate emergency assistance and care over the phone before help arrives. Emergencies are often life or death situations. Our ambulance services partners are the best of Nairobi’s responders and will provide lifesaving care on the way to the hospital. Nairobi is notorious for traffic jams and using a taxi is a gamble you do not want to take. Ambulances have priority on the roads as do ambulance patients at the emergency room.

  1. Rescue is the cheapest way to ensure you are covered  for emergency transport and care

Sometimes you may be reluctant to call ambulance services because of cost. That is no longer the case, as with the one-time upfront annual membership, we are offering a far more affordable product to ensure money never gets in the way of your care.  You will not receive a separate bill if you need an ambulance. By purchasing the Rescue plan, you are fully covered for emergency assistance and transport to the hospital. You cannot put a price on the fact that if anything were to happen to you or your family, ambulance services are a call away.


Visit rescue.co and purchase today!

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